Bella Cup 2017 is coming soon!

2 czerwca, 2017


On June 25th, players from all around the world will begin the rivarly in 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup.


This summer tennis will be celebrated in Toruń once again. On MOSiR’s courts at Przy Skarpie street we’ll see another Bella Cup tournament. First two days will be filled with eliminations. Main tournament will begin on June 27th and the grand final is planned for July 2nd.

This year’s price pool is 25.000 $ + hospitality. The winner will receive 60 points in ITF international ranking.

Bulgaria’s Isabella Shinikova has won the single games’ grand final last year. In an emotional encounter, she defeated Tadeja Majeric from Slovenia. Are we going to see Shinikova defending her title on the courts this year? First list of the Bella Cup 2017 players will be revealed on June 8th.

The main sponsor of the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup will be Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych S.A. The whole event will be organized by the Klub Sportowy Start-Wisła Toruń, Polski Związek Tenisowy, ITF Pro Circuit and Tennis Europe.