Maja Chwalińska training in Toruń

23 czerwca, 2018

We are counting down days before the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup. On the Start-Wisła courts, as always we will see talented Polish contenders, including the great hope of Polish tennis world, Maja Chwalińska. Sixteen year old player is training for the games on the courts in Toruń.

Bella Cup is a very special tournament for Chwalińska. Two years ago, she scored her first point in the world’s ranking and last year she reached the singles’ quarter finals. We now know, that this year we will also see her in the doubles, paired with Katarzyna Kawa. She is preparding for the event with the Polish representatives’ couch, Dawid Celt.

It is good to get to know the surroundings. I can not wait for the first game. Of course I believe that we can reach the finals and we will see what happens. For now I am focusing on each game

– said Maja Chwalińska after the training

Winning is not going to be easy, as among the contenders we will see the winner of French Open doubles Barbora Krejcikova and last year’s Bella Cup champion, Chantal Skamlova. However, Polish trainer said, that more important than the ranking is the player’s condition on the exact day of the game.

– Of course there are many factors that have to work together. You always need some luck and get the position that can help you. We are training, preparing and doing everything for Maja to be in the best possible condition.

– said Dawid Celt.

Bella Cup begins on 24 June with two days of qualification games and finishes on 1st July. In the main tournament we will see 32 players and 16 doubles pairings.