Qualifications have ended

27 czerwca, 2017


Eight players succeeded in the qualification games for the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2017. Among them, we will see one Polish representative – Paulina Czarnik.

Paulina Czarnik played two games today. In the first match, she triumphed with Slovakian Viktoria Surova 6:3, 6:2. In the decisive, second game, she faced Jade Lewis. New Zeland representative was a tough contender, but Czarnik has won 6:4, 6:4.

Among all the Polish players, Aleksandra Buczyńska was the one who played the longest match. This 19 year-old spent almost two and a half hours on the court with Joana Eidukonyte. Lithuanian player, after loosing the first set, pulled herself together and defeated Buczyńska 2:6, 6:4, 6:0.

Joanna Zawadzka did not manage to qualify for the main tournament. She won the first set with Ksenia Palkina from Kyrgyzstan 6:2, but lost the following two 0:6, 3:6. Last qualification round was also a finish line for Julia Oczachowska, Weronika Falkowska and Paulina Jastrzębska.

Qualified for the main tournament: Ksenia Palkina (Kyrgyzstan), Elina Nepliy (Russia), Nadiya Kolb (Ukraine), Valeriya Urzhumova (Russia), Paulina Czarnik (Poland), Irina Lapustina (Latvia), Joana Eidukonyte (Lithuania), Iuliia Sokolovskaya (Russia) and Jade Lewis (New Zeland) as the so called ‘lucky looser’.

Bella Cup 2017 singles and doubles main tournament starts on Tuesday.


In the first singles match, after surprising withdraw of Katarzyna Piter, the highest seeded Polish representative, Magdalena Fręch (4) will face Akgul Amanmuradova. Uzbek player went all the way to the doubles finale in the last year’s Bella Cup and in May 2008 she was the world’s 50th best racket.
Last year’s hero, Maja Chwalińska’s first rival will be the qualifier Iuliia Sokolovskaya, representing Russia.

Ready to go

24 czerwca, 2017


Saturday on the Toruń courts was all about last preparations before the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup begins.

This year’s tournament will begin in just few hours. Tennis courts in Toruń are ready to welcome all the contenders. On the last day before the first games, organizers were taking care of the main court’s decorations. First players arrived at the MOSiR Tennis Centre and immediately started their trainnings.

Tournament’s draw was announced. We will see 23 Polish players competing on the courts. Seeded first in the qualification games is Ksenia Palkina from Kyrgyzstan. Her first rival will be Julia Przybylska. Polish player seeded with the highest position in the qualification games is Patrycja Polańska with number 4. In the second round, she will face the winner of Natalia Komar (Poland) – Nadiya Kolb (Ukraine) match.


Qualification tournament will start on Sunday at 9:30 am.
Eight players, who succeed in three match rounds, will qualify to the main tournament. Qualifications will take place on Sunday and Monday. Main tournament will start on Tuesday.
You are all welcome at the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup. Free admission!

Two Polish players seeded in Bella Cup

24 czerwca, 2017


Katarzyna Piter and Magdalena Fręch will be seeded in this year’s 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup singles.

Katarzyna Piter will be this year’s number two. She is 222nd in the world ranking. Her great shape reflects in her current performance in the tournament in Warsaw. On Saturday she will play in singles quarterfinal and doubles final game.

Magdalena Fręch was seeded with number 5. This 19 year-old has 249th position in the world ranking. Her best recent recent results are Manchester tournament quarterfinal in June and semi-final in Swedish Bastad in May.


After several major changes in the entries’ list and world ranking, seeded first in the tournament will be Sofia Shapatava, representing Georgia. Fans in Toruń can remember her from 2015, when she triumphed in Bella Cup doubles, teamed up with Ekatarine Gorgodze.
List of seeded contenders of this year’s 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup singles:
[1] Sofia Shapatava – Georgia
[2] Katarzyna Piter – Poland
[3] Julia Glushko – Israel
[4] Vera Lapko – Belarus
[5] Magdalena Fręch – Poland
[6] Katarina Zavatska – Ukraine
[7] Jasika Maleckova – Czech Republic
[8] Gabriela Pantuckova – Czech Republic

Bella Cup 2017 wild cards

24 czerwca, 2017


Polish champions received wild cards to the main Bella Cup tournament.

Daria Kuczer, Anna Hertel and Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik will play in the main tournament. Organizers of the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2017 decided to give the main tournament wild cards to Polish champions in three different age categories.

Daria Kuczer is a currect Polish Under 23 Champion. She defeated Aleksandra Buczyńska 6:2, 6:3 in the final game in Poznań.
Anna Hertel triumphed in the Polish Under 18 Championship. She won the final game with Julia Oczachowska 7:5, 6:2.
Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik became Polish Under 16 Champion in may. In the final game in Zielona Góra, she defeated Martyna Kubka 6:3, 6:1



– It was a very wise decision. On that kind of tournament, it is important to promote players who stand out in the main national competitions

– said Rafał Chrzanowski,
PZT girls’ coach, guest on the press conference on Thursday.

Organizers also informed about the first decisions regarding the wild cards to the qualification games. They were given to Natalia Komar, Zuzanna Szczepańska and Marcelina Marut.

– Those players are closely linked with the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region. They are members of the local clubs. We want to give them a chance in our tournament.

– added Renata Sokołowska, tournament director.

Qualification game will also be a first step in the Bella Cup tournament for Weronika Falkowska, Radom Tennis Academy ‘Masters’ player, who recently went all the way to the final of the ITF Great 1 doubles tournament on clay surface courts. Earlier this year, she won singles and doubles games in Magnolia Cup on tennis courts in Szczecin (ITF Great 4).

What else are we going to see during this year’s Bella Cup tournament

24 czerwca, 2017


23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup is a beautiful celebration of women’s tennis on the courts in Toruń, but there is more to it.

During this year’s Bella Cup, once again we will get to see the tennis tournament for children as a part of Tenis 10 program. It is a project engaged by the Polish Tennis Association, based on the International Tennis Federation’s guidelines. Main goal of that event is unifying education system, but most importantly convincing children and their parents, that tennis is an easy, healthy and very attractive discipline.



Toruń courts will also welcome representatives of the tournament’s organizers, partners and invited guest, all taking part in the VIP tournament.
Bella Cup mascot will be walking the streets of Toruń and greeting people around the courts during the whole tournament. More information can be found on our official facebook and twitter profiles.

Magdalena Fręch in shape for Bella Cup 2017

20 czerwca, 2017


Polish player triumphed in doubles tournament in Great Britain.

Magdalena Fręch is presenting world class shape days before the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2017. Paired with Belgian An-Sophie Mestach, she has won doubles tournament in Manchester, Great Britain. In the finale, Polish-Belgian team beat Kai-Chen Chang (Taiwan) and Marina Erakovic (New Zeland) 6:4, 7:6 (5). In singles tournament in Manchester, Magdalena Fręch went all the way to the quarterfinals.
Now she left for Turkey, where she will play in the tournament in Izmir on hard courts. In the very first round, Fręch will face here recent doubles partner – An-Sophie Mestach.



Magdalena Fręch is a 19 year old player from Łódź. She represented Poland in Fed Cup. She is placed 264 in the world’s ranking and in a week we will see her on the Bella Cup 2017 courts in Toruń.

Qualifications start in a week

20 czerwca, 2017


23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup is getting closer. We are only week away from the qualification games.

48 players will compete to enter the main tournament of Bella Cup 2017. We will see quite a lot polish representatives among the contenders. Representing Wrocław, 29 years old Marta Leśniak has won one of the tournaments in Turkish Antalya. She caught everyone’s attention winning the final match with Alena Tarasova from Russia, who is seeded higher in the world’s ranking.
We will also see Patrycja Polańska in this year’s qualifications. She is known for winning the Polish Under 21 Championship. Polańska spent last few months on training and competing in various tournaments in Tunisia. In last year’s Bella Cup, Patrycja Polańska played doubles paired with Paulina Czernik, who we will also see on the courts in Toruń this year. Czernik also spent last few months in North Africa, but instead of Tunis, she trained in Egypt.



On the entries list of 23rd Bella Cup, beside the above, we can also find Poland’s Weronika Jasmina Foryś, Wiktoria Kulik, Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik, Marcelina Podlińska, Joanna Zawadzka, Katarzyna Wysoczańska and Paulina Jastrzębska.
On Thursday we will find out which players are going to receive wild cards for the main and qualification tournaments.

We know the list of the Bella Cup 2017 players

15 czerwca, 2017


Italian Martina Trevisan opens the list of this year’s contestants of the International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2017

Trevisan is actually number 205 on the world ranking. It is the highest position in her career so far. In the recent tournament in Gardo (price pool of 25.000 $), she went all the way to the single finale. She was defeated by the Slovakian representative Anna Karolina Schmiedlova, who we will also see in Toruń this year.
Katarzyna Piter is the highest seeded polish player. She’s 217th in the actual world tennis ranking. This season she won the tournament in Orlando, Florida (price pool of 25.000$) among many others. Polish representative is coming back to Toruń after her last appearance two years ago. In 2015 she reached the second round.



Second player representing Poland, sure to take part of this year’s main tournament is Magdalena Fręch. She is a very well-known player among the tennis fans in Toruń. Last year she went all the way to the single quarterfinal and in 2015 she played in the doubles finale.
In 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2017, we will also get to see many foreign players who visited us last year. Among many others, we will see Sofia Shapatava from Georgia, Gabriela Pantuckova from Czech Republic and Akgul Amanmuradova representing Uzbekistan.
Full list of this year’s players is available on the ITF website: www.itftennis.com

Bella Cup 2017 wild card for Poland

9 czerwca, 2017


Maja Chwalińska received first of the Bella Cup 2017 main tournament wild cards. First list of this year’s entries was also released today.

First press conference of the 23 rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup took place earlier today. We heard from Jarosław Kuzel – board member of the TZMO S.A., Ireneusz Gronek – vicepresident of KS Start-Wisła Toruń, tournament’s director Renata Sokołowska and one of the best polish juniors, Maja Chwalińska with her coach, Paweł Kałuża.



Maja, who debuted in the tournament last year, received the first wild card. She is the current Australian Open Girls’ Doubles runner-up.

– I am very happy to be back in Toruń. I have very good memories from last year. It was my first professional tennis game win.

– said Maja Chwalińska.

Today was the official deadline to apply for this year’s tournament. Full list of the 2017 entries is available at: www.itftennis.com

Now, contestants have until June 13 th to give their final decision about taking part in 23 rd Bella Cup.

During the press conference, we also heard about the changes happening in MOSiR Tennis Centre in Toruń. ‘We have a brand new surface on the central court. It is a huge step on the way to elevate the rank of the tournament. We will be perfectly prepared.’ – said Ireneusz Gronek. ‘You are all welcome to visit the courts Bella Cup will be taking place on. All five MOSiR Tennis Centre courts.’ – added Renata Sokołowska. The 23 rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2017 will start on June 25 th with qualification games. Main tournament will begin on June 27 th . Final is scheduled for July 2 nd.

– We are extremely excited to host the Bella Cup tournament once again. TZMO S.A. is actively involved in supporting sport events in many countries, but Bella Cup is the biggest one. The one we can be truly proud of.

– Jarosław Kuzel summed up the conference.

President of Polish Tennis Association

9 czerwca, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen!

Honorary patronage of the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup is my great pleasure and honour. It’s the biggest and oldest tennis event for female professionals, continuously taking place in our country, that deserves special respects from the Polish Tennis Association.

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