First press conference is behind us

24 czerwca, 2016

In 22 years of Bella Cup, we have never had a tournament like that! To the 25.000 $ price, organizers added hospitality – catering and accommodation for players. Also, the amount of ranking points finalists will receive went up to 60.

‘Because of the amazing organization and impeccable opinion in the tennis world, interest in the tournament is getting stronger. We heard about 360 playes who announced their willingness to join the competition.’ Said Jacek Durski, secretary general of PZT.

Full official list of players joining the tournament will be announced next week. One of the things we know for sure, is that one of the wild cards this year will be hope of polish tennis – Magdalena Fręch. ‘Her ranking does not reflect her abilities and talent. I hope, that thanks to Bella Cup, she will move up even 200-300 spots.’ – Said former finalist, Sylwia Rynarzewska.

On the Start-Wisła courts, young players can gain not only ranking points, but also priceless experience. ‘Players will choose Bella Cup as a priority. They love that tournament for its organization, atmosphere and fans.’ – Jarosław Kuzel, Board Member for TZMO SA.

XXII Bella Cup tournament begins on June 26th.