International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup is a part of the ITF Women’s Circuit.

Tournament held in Toruń is one of the oldest and biggest sport events in Poland. From the very beginning, its general sponsor has been TZMO SA, and the main organizer has been Sports Club “Start-Wisła”.

TZMO SA promotes the healthy and active life style. That is exactly why sport is their main area of support. They get involved with Bella Cup in Poland and the matches of amateur tournament finale in Ukraine.

Bella Cup is one of the professional tournaments organized as part of the ITF (International Tennis Federation) Women’s Circuit. Since the first time in 1995, it was held on the courts of Sport Club “Start-Wisła”, where we had the chance to see amazing matches for 15 years. In 2010 for the first time tennis players faced each other in the newly opened MOSIR’s Tennis Centre located at Przy Skarpie 4 in Toruń.

The new set of 10 tennis fields includes: 1 main court, 4 tournament courts, 4 training courts and one with synthetic surface and a training wall. Brick surface tournament courts are surrounded with tribunes where all the fans can find a place to cheer. On top of that, in 2013 the new world class tennis hall was built to ensure the tournament can keep going in any weather.

ITF Women’s Circuit is an amazing chance for the players. It opens the door to further professional tournaments and allows contestants to gain points for the WTA qualifications. After reaching the required amount of points, they can take a part in WTA Tour tournaments. The 25tth finale is coming this year.

TZMO S.A. is a general sponsor since the very beginning. In 2019 Bella Cup is qualified as a 60000 $ tournament, which makes it one of the most prestigious professional women’s tournaments in Poland. The significance of Bella Cup is seen in the growing amount of players wanting to stand on its courts.

TZMO S.A. combines the economic development with social awareness. They play a big part in supporting education, sport events and healthy life style. One of their goals is to increase awareness of the needs of people who cannot fulfill them on their own – children, people struggling with sickness or disabilities. TZMO S.A. has a huge impact on the process of popularizing the highest standards of health care and social support in Europe.

In 2011, TZMO S.A. created the ‘Razem Zmieniamy Świat’ Foundation. It was a natural step on the way of supporting the society. Thanks to the Foundation, they are able to help more people and give back to the world to make it better for all of us.

Bella Cup is authorized by the International Tennis Federation. It is a women’s tournament, where contestants can earn points for the WTA ranking. All the matches are organized according to the ITF’s Tournament Regulations.

On the tournaments we will get to see:


-32 contestants in the election matches

-32 contestans in the main tournament


-16 couples in the main tournament

The prize pool is $60.000+H.

Miejsce Gra pojedyncza (singles) Gra podwójna (doubles)
Punkty (points) USD Punkty (points) USD
1 100 9142 100 3344
2 60 4886 60 1672
3-4 36 2683 36 836
5-8 18 1543 18 456
9-16 9 935 1 304
17-32 1 557 - -

The director of the tournament is Mrs. Renata Sokołowska.

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