Second title for Sramkova

9 czerwca, 2019


Rebecca Sramkova has won the jubilee 25th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2019. In the final match, she did not give any chances to the 17 year old Marta Kostiuk from Ukraine.

On Saturday, paired with Spanish player Rebeka Masarova, they were unbeatable in the doubles. It
was only the second time in the history, that a player has won two titles during one tournament’s edition.



– Key to winning this match was staying calm and consistency. Just yesterday I was feeling pretty bad and I was ill, so I am even happier with that victory! It was a really extraordinary week for me. I am very grateful to all the people responsible for organising that tournament. The service, courts and overall atmosphere were on a very high level.

– said Rebecca Sramkova.

Sramkova did not lose even one set during the whole singles tournament. She defeated Marta Kostiuk 6:1, 6:2 in exactly 56 minutes. She started off with a break in the first game and controled the match all the way till the very end. In the whole match she had 58 balls, while her opponent 32. It is a rare statistic, but Kostiuk has won only one game she was serving.



– It was not my day and Rebecca was playing really well. I was trying to change things up and fighting for every game, but without any results. Despite all that, I will remember visiting Toruń very well.

– said Marta Kostiuk after the finale.

This year’s tournament had the highest price pool in its history – 60 thousand dollars. That record pool also means, that players will score more ranking points on their accounts. Rebecca Sramkova 100 and Marta Kostiuk 60. For the Slovakian player it was a second Bella Cup finale in a row. Last year she was defeated in the final match by Czech representative Barbora Krejcikowa 1:6, 5:7.



Masarova and Sramkova triumphed in the doubles

8 czerwca, 2019


Spanish-Slovakian duo has won the final match of the doubles tournament. We also know the contenders joining the singles finale.

On Saturday, first to step on the court were the players of the single games. In the first semi-final Sloviakia's Rebecca Sramkova faced Romania's Irina Maria Bara. Romanian representative had a stronger start with the break. Later, however, after one of the games, she fell on her wrist and from that moment Sramkova took over the lead. She has won the first set 6:4 and in the second one, at 3:4 Bara retired from the match.


For the second spot in the finale, talented 17 year old from Ukraine, Marta Kostiuk, played againts tournament’s „number two”, American Allie Kiick. That three set, extremely competitive, lasting 2 hours and 15 minutes match ended with Kostiuk winning 6:7(2), 6:3, 6:4.

– I did not give up after the first set, but I was nervous and I did not show the best side of me. I was disappointed but I was fighting till the very end and I made it.

– said Marta Kostiuk after the match.

The greatest finish of the day at Bella Cup 2019 was the big finale of the doubles. Rebeka Masarowa (Spain) / Rebecca Sramkova (Slovakia) triumphed againts Robin Anderson (USA) and Anhelina Kalinina (Ukraine) after the „tie-break match” 6:4, 3:6, 10:4.


– I am very happy with today’s victory. I have not played in such a big tournament in a long time due to an injury. Getting to the top in the doubles, despite losing in singles, is a great feeling.

– said Rebeka Masarova.

Final match of the 25th Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2019 single will begin on Sunday at 10 am.

We know the doubles’ finalists

7 czerwca, 2019

Robin Anderson/Anhelina Kalinina and Rebeka Masarova/Rebecca Sramkova will compete for the win in the doubles of Bella Cup 2019.

Anderson (USA) and Kalinina (Ukraine) defeated the Montenegrin-Brasilian team Kovinić/Pigossi 7:5, 2:6, 10:8. In the deciding tie-break match both teams were fighting head to head, but in the end it was the American and Ukrainian who were more focused and they will compete for the grand trophee on Saturday.


They will play againts Rebeka Masarova (Spain) and Rebecca Sramkova (Slovakia). That duo has won with the Romanian representatives, Irina Maria Bara and Elena Bogdan 6:3, 6:3.

We also found out who will join the semi-finals of the singles. The most exciting match was between two players representing Ukraine. Seeded number 3 Anhelina Kalinina was playing againts Marta Kostiuk. Kalinina went through the first set like a lightning. She has won 6:1. In the second set, the situation changed drastically. Two breaks from Kostiuk gave her the lead with 5:2 and she ended up winning 6:3. Younger of the two players had all the luck on her side in the third, deciding part of the match. Marta Kostiuk triumphed again, scoring 6:3 and earning a place in the semifinal.

– I was extremely nervous during the first set, but I was able to focus during the break and that was the key to win this match.

– said Marta Kostiuk.

Im the semifinal Marta Kostiuk will stand againts American player Allie Kiick. Tournament’s „number 2” has won with Danka Kovinić from Montenegro 7:5, 6:3.

– I am happy with this win. It was a nice retaliation. Few years ago I lost with her 0:6, 0:6 in 44 minutes and you can never forget such defeat. Today I was consistent and I moved on the court well. I did not lose focus im the deciding moments of the match. I hope I will keep playing that way till the finale.

– said Allie Kiick.

Second pair in the semifinal will be Irina Maria Bara from Romania and Rebecca Sramkova from Slovakia. Bara has won with another Romanian player, Nicoleta-Catalina Dascalu 6:2, 6:3. Sramkova, last year’s finalist, defeated Anastasia Zarycka from Czech Republic 6:1, 6:3.
Singles semifinals will begin at 11 am. The grand finale of the doubles tournament is planned for 3 pm.


Polish representatives out of the Bella Cup 2019

6 czerwca, 2019

Another exciting day of tournament’s struggles is behind us. We will not see any of the Polish players in neither singles nor doubles further on.

Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik had to acknowledge the superiority of Romania’s Irina Maria Bara, seeded numer 4. Even though the match started off with Polish player’s break, it was Bara who gained an advantage and controlled each of the following games. Rogozińska-Dzik lost 2:6, 2:6.

– Despite losing, I am very happy that I was part of the Bella Cup tournament. It is my first such big tournament and I was even able to win one match with a player much higher in the ranking than me.

– said Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik.

Maja Chwalińska was not able to succeed against the tournament’s “number 2”. Alexandra Kiick from United States is 184 positions higher than her in the world’s ranking and that difference was clearly visible on the court. Kiick won with the Polish representative 6:2, 6:2.



It was the end of the journey in the tournament for Polish doubles players as well. Weronika Falkowska and Martyna Kubka lost with seeded 1. pair – Danka Kovinić (Montenegro) / Laura Pigossi (Brasil) 4:6, 2:6. Julia Oczachowska and Zuzanna Szczepańska had to leave the competition after the defeat against the American-Ukrainian duo Robin Robin Anderson / Anhelina Kalinina 1:6, 2:6.

Semi-finalist of the doubles tournament:
Danka Kovinić (Montenegro) / Laura Pigossi (Brasil) – Robin Anderson (USA) / Anhelina Kalinina (Ukraine)
Rebeka Masarova (Spain) / Rebecca Sramkova (Slovakia) – Irina Maria Bara (Romania) / Elena Bogdan (Romania)
Friday will be the day of the doubles’ semifinals and singles’ quarter finals of the Bella Cup 2019 tournament.



Maja Chwalińska still in the game

5 czerwca, 2019


First round of the 25th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2019 singles has ended. On Wednesday, Maja Chwalińska went forward to the next round.



Chwalińska, player from Dąbrowa Górnicza, did not give much of a chance to Daniela Seguel from Chille. 17 year old Polish representative was very confident on the court, cleverly using her opponent’s weak spots, but she made few mistakes along the way as well. She won the first set 6:2. Moment of hesitation came when Chwalińska was leading 4:0 and Seguel broke ger serve. However, Chwalińska was able to triumph in the end, winning 6:2 and going forward to the second round of the Bella Cup 2019 tournament.

– Every match on that high level is hard. No matter who you play against, you need to fight for each point. Most importantly, it ended with a win, even though not entirely the way I would like.

– said Maja Chwalińska.

It did not go so well for other Polish players. Katarzyna Kawa surprisingly lost with Anastasia Zarycka from Czech Republic 6:4, 6:7(3), 1:6. It was the longest match in this year’s tournament so far. It took 2 hours and 47 minutes. Paula Kania was defeated by Jaimee Fourlis from Australia 2:6, 1:6. Weronika Falkowska lost 3:6, 1:16 with Romanian representative Nicoleta-Catalina Dascalu.

Another big surprise was the end of the road in the competition for Elena Rybakina, seeded number 1. Kazakh player lost with Slovakia’s Rebecca Sramkova 2:6, 4:6.

First round of the doubles has also finished. Anna Hertel and Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik lost with Danka Kovinić (Montenegro) and Laura Pigossi (Brasil) 3:6, 3:6.

Second round will begin on Thursday. We will see two Polish representatives on the courts: Maja Chwalińska and Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik.






First round for Rogozińska-Dzik

4 czerwca, 2019


Bella Cup 2019 has gone to the second phase. Eliminations are over and the main tournament has begun.

The day began with the final round of eliminations. Last spots in the main event were filled by the winners of the deciding matches: Daniela Seguel (Chille), Jaimee Fourlis (Australia), Carolina Alves (Brasil), Gabriela Talaba (Romania), Nicoleta-Catalina Dascalu (Romania), Verena Meliss (Italy), Rosa Vicens Mas (Spain) i Nikola Tomanova (Czech Republic).


However, fans were mostly waiting for the first games of the main tournament, especially those with Polish representatives. Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik started off facing Australia’s Olivia Rogowska. We saw a series of breaks from both sides of the court. The most importnat was the one in the 10th game. Rogozińska-Dzik gave away only once and won that set 6:4. Second one was filled with excitement. Polish player was leading 4:0 when she started losing her focus. Rogowska won three games, but then the good streak came back to Rogowska-Dzik. She triumphed in the set 6:3, winning the spot in the next round of the tournament.

-It is my life’s success. I have never won with a player, who is so high on the ranking. I panicked a little bit in the second round, but I was able to calm myself down and win two last games.

– said Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik right after the match.

Second big treat for Polish fans was the match between Anna Hertel with Anhelina Kalinina on the central court. Unfortunately, she was not able to win with Kalinina. Hertel won only three games in that match. Seeded numer 3, Ukrainian representative triumphed 6:1, 6:2.

We were also able to watch first doubles matches. In one of them two Polish teams faced each other. Julia Oczachowska with Zuzanna Szczepańska have won with Aleksandra Jeleń and Joanna Zawadzka 7:6(4), 4:6, 10:6. Other match gave us a victory of Weronika Falkowska, Martyna Kubka duo over Brasilian-American team Alves – Scholl 1:6, 7:6(4), 10:6.

Tomorrow we will see Katarzyna Kawa, Maja Chwalińska and Paula Kania stepping on the courts in Toruń.

Bella Cup 2019 has begun

3 czerwca, 2019

First day of the 25th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2019 eliminations is behind us. There are 16 players still competing for the spot in the main tournament.

Monday at the courts in Toruń was all about the sun, heat and first games of the tournament. There were five Polish players in the first round. Unfortunately, we will not see any of them further in the competition.



Martyna Kubka was very close to reaching the goal. 18 year old player from Zielona Góra was competing with Spain’s Rosa Vicens Mas. After loosing the first set without any points, she fought back in the second one, winning 6:4. Tie-break was deciding who will go through to the next round and Vicens Mas has won 10:3.

There was also a chance for Joanna Zawadzka, who played againts Seone Mendez from Australia. After reaching 5:4 in the first set, she lost two games and her opponent has won 7:5. Mendez strongly triumphed in the second set, winning 6:2.

– There were ups and downs. There were games where I was leading the match and then the ones where I made many mistakes. Despite the result, I am happy with the first set but the second one could be a lot stronger.

– said Joanna Zawadzka after the match.

Also leaving the competition is Julia Oczachowska, who lost 3:6, 5:7 with Croatian player Iva Primorac. Zuzanna Szczepańska was defeated by Daniela Seguel from Chille 0:6, 2:6. Nicoleta-Catalina Dascalu triumphed over Aleksandra Jeleń. Romanian representative has won the match 6:2, 6:1.

Rest of the eliminations on Tuesday. We will find out which eight players will proceed to the main tournament Bella Cup 2019. The same day first single and double matches of the main tournament will begin. Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik will face Australia’s Olivia Rogowska. Anna hertel will play againts Anhelina Kalinina [3] from Ukraine. Polish players will step on the central court after 2pm.



At the Bella Cup we count on Polish players!

1 czerwca, 2019


All so called wild cards for the 25th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2019 were given to Polish players. After Paula Kania, 2013 tournament’s champion got one of those passes, they were also given to Maja Chwalińska (who won doubles last year paired with Katarzyna Kawa), Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik and Anna Hertel.

– I take it as a huge recognition and I am grateful to the organisers for that chance. I will play the best I can and I hope that this wild card will help me to break through.

– said Anna Hertel at the press conference in Toruń.



Wishing for a similar chance are those, who will join the eliminations thanks to the courtesy of the tournament’s organisers. Those are: Weronika Falkowska, Martyna Kubka, Julia Oczachowska, Joanna Zawadzka and Zuzanna Szczepańska.

– I have never played in such high rank tournament yet. There is always stress before as prestigious event as this one, but it is only motivating. I live in Inowrocław, so I will be playing almost at home and I am sure that I will feel very comfortable in Toruń.

– said Goplania Inowrocław’s player, Zuzanna Szczepańska.

Elimination games will begin on Monday, June 3rd, but already today the organisers confirmed that they are ready to start the tournament.

– Everything is ready! Technical systems are working correctly, courts are prepared, weather is on our side. I hope, that the players who received wild cards will make the best out of that chance. We want to welcome all the fans to experience that beautiful, jubilee edition of the tournament together with our contenders.

– said tournament’s director Renata Sokołowska.

Due to the jubilee edition, price pool this year is 60.000$ + Hospitality (guarantee of boarding and accommodation for the players). We will be watching 32 players in the singles and 16 pairs in the doubles tournaments, all competing for the main price and 100 ranking points.

Special surprises are waiting for the fans. After each match on the main court, players will be throwing two balls to the spectators. Those are very unique balls, as for the jubilee they will be using balls signed with a special Bella Cup logo. Limited edition balls, not available on sale, that you can only get when you join us at the courts and support the players. We welcome you all.


Bella Cup in the Old Town of Toruń.

26 maja, 2019


Official mascot of the 25th International Women’s Tennins Tournament Bella Cup is promoting the event on the streets of Toruń.

You can meet our smiling tennis ball on the streets of Toruń. It is the official Bella Cup mascot and it has been the symbol of the tournament for four years. The event will be promoted that way until the day of the final, planned for June 9th.



Everyone, who will meet The Ball in Toruń is welcome to take a picture. You can share it with us using the #BellaCup hashtag on our official facebook fanpage –

We are getting closer to start the jubilee, 25th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup. First matches are planned for June 3rd on the courts in Toruń. In the coming days, we will find out which contestants will be seeded in this year’s tournament.



Wild card for Paula Kania – report from the press conference in Warsaw

22 maja, 2019

We are only two weeks away from the 25th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2019. The organizers announced first details about the event during the press conference at the Olimpic Centre in Warsaw..

The jubilee edition will be exceptional for multiple reasons. Thanks to the highest price pool in the tournament’s history – 60.000$ + Hospitality – the level of competition and experience will surely break records. Champions from the previous years has already announced their will to join us in Toruń, including Czech Barbora Krejcikova. She is the current runner-up at the WAT doubles ranking and just after triumphing in the last year’s Bella Cup tournament, she celebrated winning the title at the Grand Slam courts of Wimbledon.

Renata Sokołowska, tournament’s director, announced that for the very first time all contenders will be able to use physiotherapist’s assistance at the hotel and this year balls used during the event will have a special logo. One thing remains unchanged – Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych Spółka Akcyjna will be the main sponsor of the tournament, as it has been since the very beginning in 1995.

It is not a coincidence, that for the titular sponsor of the tournament, from many TZMO’s brands, we have chosen Bella. Every single woman in Poland knows it, but not many are aware, that the TZMO is providing their products on a global scale. The decision regarding raising the price pool was caused by few factors: to celebrate the jubilee and make the tournament even more inviting, but also to help the girls and support their careers. This is our main goal. – said TZMO SA Board Member Agnieszka Górna.

Talented tennis players of the young generation want to use that chance. Among the applicants, we can find Clara Tauson from Denmark, who triumphed in the Australian Open Junior Championship 2019.

Last Polish player, who reached the Bella Cup champion title was Paula Kania in 2013. Three years later she represented Poland at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and lately she struggled with an injury. It is not confirmed, that we will see her again on the courts, as she received the wild card from the tournament’s organizers.

After thirteen months away from the courts I am back, healthy, ready and even more eager to succeed than ever. I hope, that in Toruń I will once again start my journey up the WTA ranking, especially that this year’s tournament offers very high price pool and more importantly ranking points. I am extremely thankful to the organizers for their trust.– said Paula Kania at the press conference.

Almost all Polish players, who made a name for themselves on wold’s tennis courts, have been a part of the Bella Cup tournament in the past, including: Agnieszka Radwańska, Marta Domachowska, Katarzyna Piter, Magda Linette, Magdalena Fręch, Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska.

Kawa and Chwalińska, last year’s doubles’ winners, have already applied to join the tournament this year. So did Lucie Hradecka – runner up at the Olympic doubles tournament in London, Fed Cup winner, who triumphed in French Open 2011 and US Open 2013, and former 12th world ranking’s racket, Wimbledon’s 2013 finalist – Sabine Lisicki.

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