Invitation to Bella Cup 2019

8 marca, 2019

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Yearly Toruń hosts tennis players from all over the world who compete in International Women Tennis Tournament Bella Cup.
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Record year

11 października, 2018


The organizers of the 24th International Tennis Tournament Bella Cup summarized this year’s competition. It was a record year in terms of the number of people who got information about the tournament in Toruń.


The Bella Cup 2018 summary meeting was an opportunity to thank all of the sponsors, partners and patrons for help in organizing the tournament. At the same time, the media results of the Bella Cup were presented and these were record results. Through three television stations: TVP3, TV Toruń and KP Sport (Internet relations) information about the tournament was watched by over 2 million viewers. Bella Cup was widely present in the press (Rzeczpospolita, Przegląd Sportowy, Gazeta Pomorska, Nowości) and on internet portals, both local and nationwide.

The organizers also said that the tournament is received positive reviews not only from the fans, but most importantly also from the players.

They praise us very much. As a rule, it is always a longer, pleasant conversation. Many of them assure that they will want to come again in the next years

– said Michał Szwed, vice-president of KS Start-Wisła Toruń.


Works on the next, jubilee 25th Bella Cup Tournament have already begun.

We know that the tournament will definitely take place in a more attractive time for players – this is already confirmed. The arrangements for increasing the tournament budget and, of course, the prize pool in the 25th Tournament are underway

– admitted Jarosław Kuzel, board member of TZMO SA, the general sponsor of Bella Cup.

Bella Cup 2019 will be held from 3-9 June.

Second time for Barbowa Krejcikova!

1 lipca, 2018


Czech player was the first in the Bella Cup history, to win the tournament on courts in Toruń for the second time.

In the singles’ final match of the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018, seeded number 1 Czech player Barbora Krejcikova played against the tournaments’ number 6, Rebecca Sramkova from Slovakia. Slovak player had a very strong beginning and was leading 3:0. Slight rain came down, but fortunately there was no need to stop the match. Situation on the central court however, changed dramatically. Krejcikova started to play stronger and she begun to make up for the losses. She went ahead of the rival after breaking her serve in the 11th game and made use of her great play in the next one, winning the set 7:5. Second set was not only about a beautiful tennis, but mostly clearly visible psychological game. Czech player was correcting her throw when serving several times, explain it with strong wind, which frustrated the second contender. Sramkova won only first game in that match and the other 6 was taken by Krejcikova, who won the Bella Cup final match 7:5, 6:1. It was her second win on the Torun’s courts, after defeating Greek Maria Sakkari in the 2014 finale.

My rival started the match really strong, but fortunately I have found my aim and thanks to that I was able to get back on the game in the very last moment. In the second set, I dominated Rebecca psychologically. I am very happy, that I was able to win in Toruń for the second time, as this is one of my favourite tournaments. With such amazing organization, it should set the standards for others. I hope I will be able to come back next year. Even if the tournament’s rank will rise, I believe, that the WTA ranking will allow me to do so.

– said Krejcikova after the match.



Bella Cup is the oldest continuously organized women’s tennis tournament in Poland. Next year we will experience its 25th anniversary. Because of that, the organizers are already mentioning conversations and preparations to rise the tournament’s rank.

Polish double best in Toruń!

30 czerwca, 2018

Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska were the best in the doubles at the Bella Cup 2018. In the singles’ finale Barbora Krejcikova will face Rebecca Sramkova.

The doubles’ finale at the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018 lasted only over an hour. Kawa/Chwalińska duo went through the first set quickly as a lightning strike. They crushed Albina Kabibulina from Uzbekistan and Helena Scholsen from Belgium 6:1. In the second set, rival couple played stronger and even reached the lead with 4:2. Since the, however, Kawa and Chwalińska gained full control over the match and won the rest of the games and won 6:4.

 I am very happy that we have won the double. It is some kind of compensation for my setback in the single game.

– said Maja Chwalińska.



On Saturday we also learned who will be playing in the single game finale.

In the first semi-final, seeded number 6 Rebecca Sramkova from Slovakia stepped on the court to face Ksenia Laskutowa from Russia. It was a very fast and single sided game. Russian player, who reached the main tournament through eliminations, was able to break the agresively playing rival’s serve only two time during the match. Sramkova won 6:3, 6:4 and reached the final after that 80 minutes face off.

 The conditions on the court were pretty harsh. There was a very strong wind, but I was able to fight through it and advance to the finale.

– said Rebecca Sramkova after the match.

Match was not much longer for Katarzyna Kawa and Barbora Krejcikova. It started with two breaks and two winning serve games for the Czech player. Katarzyna Kawa was not able to fight against it in that se and in the end she lost it 2:6. Second set started in a very similar matter, with Krejcikova’s break, but Kawa was able to even the game and reach the 3, and then 4 points tie. Last two games were all the hands of the tournaments „number 1” once again. Barbora Krejcikova won that set 6:4 and will face Slovak Sramkova for the Bella Cup championship.

 I came here with a plan to win all my matches. I did so in three of them, which is still a pretty good result. I am glad, that I am still in a good condition, even though I was hoping for more

– Katarzyna Kawa summed up the semi-final match.

Chwalińska and Kawa in the quarter-finals

28 czerwca, 2018


We know the best eight players of this year’s Bella Cup tournament. In one of the quarter-finals we will see two Polish representatives.

Katarzyna Kawa has shown herself from a very good side on Thursday. After very harsh first round, this time she smoothly went through to the next stage of the tournament. On the central court, she won with Cindy Burger from Netherlands 6:4, 6:3. Polish player is in a great condition recently. Few weeks ago, she won the tournament with similar rank as the Portuguese Obidos.

Last matches gave me a lot of new confidence. I know I can win tournaments with similar rank. That feeling helps me with successful games at the Bella Cup tournament

–said Katarzyna Kawa.

In the last match of the day, Maja Chwalińska won with Switłana Pirażenka. Belarussian player had a chance of a longer rest, as in the previous match her rival retired in the very first game. However, she did not use that opportunity. Chwalińska won 6:2, 6:3.

Because of today’s results, in one of the semi-finals we will see two Polish players standing against each other – Maja Chwalińska and Katarzyna Kawa.

To the best eight of the singles tournament also proceeded: seeded number 1 Czech Barbora Krejcikova, Michaela Honcova[2] (Slovakia), Marina Melnikowa [5] (Russia), Rebecca Sramkova [6] (Slovakia), Ksenia Laskutowa (Russia) and Sofia Golubowskaja (Russia).

Apart from that, we learned who will play in the doubles finale. Albina Kabibulina (Uzbekistan) and Helene Scholsen (Belgium), won with the Polish-Ukrainian couple: Czarnik / Szoszyna 7:5, 7:5. Second duo joining the final match will be known on Friday. Maja Chwalińska and Katarzyna still have a chance to take that spot.

Two Polish players still in the game

28 czerwca, 2018


Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska succeded to the second round of the Bella Cup 2018 tournament.

Another day of the main tournament, from the very beginning brought us great emotions. Katarzyna Kawa faced Italian Cristina Ferrando. The latter clearly won the first set 6:3. Beginning of the second one belonged to the Polish player. She was winning 3:0, but her rival broke the serve and managed to even the game to 3 points tie. From there, both players were playing equally well, but the first match ball went to Ferrando. Suddenly, she decided to stop the game to report an out to the referee after Kawa’s serve. After checking the situation, it was clear, that Ferrando was wrong. That motivated Polish contender to fight even harder and she won after the 5 point tie-break. Kawa ended the match, winning the last set 6:4.

It might have been a very emotional match for the spectators, but despite a very hard situation, I was trying to keep control over the game

– said Katarzyna Kawa.

First round was a lot easier for Maja Chwalińska. 16 year old crowd’s favourite, won with Lithuanian Joana Eidukonyta after winning two strong games, both with a great score 6:2. From five Polish contenders, two will proceed in the tournament. First round was not successful for Weronika Falkowska, Paulina Czarnik and Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik.


Chantal Skamlova, last year’s Bella Cup winner, also left the competition after loosing in the first round. Surprisingly she was defeated by the Russian contender seeded with a lot lower place, Sofia Golubowskaja 1:6, 3:6. Further in the competition we will see Barbora Krajcikova. Seeded number 1, Czech player won with the Uzbekistan’s Albina 6:2, 6:0.
The highlight of that Bella Cup day for Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska was their success in the doubles tournament and proceeding to the semi-finals.
On Thursday, games begin at 10:00 and they will reveal the players who will move forward to the quarter-finals. If both Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska will win their matches, we will see once again a Polish duel for the Bella Cup 2018 semi-final.

First round of the tournament

27 czerwca, 2018

It was another long day at the tennis courts in Toruń. First round’s matches of the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018 interrupted by heavy rains.

In the last match of the day, for which most of us were waiting for, Katarzyna Piter lost with Marina Melnikowa, representing Russia. After a slow beginning, Polish player manager to break the oponent’s serve and the rest of the game went on as planned. In that over an hour long set, she won 6:4. Second set was extremely even , but the Russian representative triumphed 7:5. Similar situation happened in the last part of the match and Melnikowa ended up winning the whole match 4:6, 7:5, 6:3.



It was quite a brief experience for Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik in this year’s Bella Cup tournament. Your player from Legia Warsaw lost with the seeded number 5 player from Czech Repubic,, Jesica Maleckova 5:7, 1:6.

It was the end of the road for the Ukrainian Olga Janczuk, seeded number 3, who lost with Netherland’s Cindy Burger 6:4, 1:6, 0:6 after over two hours long match. However, Janczuk’s condition might have been influenced by state of the courts, as the match was stopped due to heavy raining.

Maja Chwalińska and Katarzyna Kawa duo quickly went through te first doubles round. In the 40 minute match, they won with another Polish couple – Alicja Formella / Urszula Nebelska 6:0, 6:0. In the second round of the Bella Cup doubles, we will also see Paulina Czarnik and Anastasia Szoszyna. That Polish-Ukrainian duo won with Marta Komar i Julia Oczachowska 6:1, 6:0.

Another matches of the first tournament’s round will take place on Wednesday. Remaining Polish players will step on the courts: Katarzyna Kawa, Maja Chwalińska, Paulina Czarnik and Weronika Falkowska.

Can’t fight the rain

26 czerwca, 2018

Heavy rain stopped part of the Bella Cup 2018 elimination games from happening.

On the second day of the tournament, 11 out of the 16 scheduled matches. It was not a lucky day for Polish players. Almost all of them ended their adventure with Bella Cup 2018. There is still a chance for Oliwia Szymczuch, who will be facing Argentinian Victoria Bosio in the deciding match.



In the last elimination round, we were able to see only three matches. Players who won the place in the main tournament are: Ksenia Laskutowa (Russia), Albina Kabibulina (Uzbekistan) and Joana Eidukonyte (Lithuania). In the last match that day, Laskutowa faced Julia Oczachowska and won 6:1, 6:2.

I gained priceless experience here. Girls play really well, not as in lower rank tournaments. Me loosing was mainly caused by the fact that I have ruined too many shots.

– summed up Julia Oczachowska.

Five elimination games will take place on Tuesday morning. Tomorrow is also a beginning of the main Bella Cup 2018 tournament. Amongst the players on the central court, we will see Katarzyna Piter. That great player representing Poznań, will face Russian Merina Melnikowa, seeded number 5. Also, Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik will play her first match in the tournament. Regular Legia Warszawa player, who received the wild card from tournament’s organizers, will stand against Jesika Maleckova. Czech contender seeded number 8 in the Bella Cup 2018 tournament.

The tournament begins

25 czerwca, 2018


Bella Cup 2018 elimination games have begun. On Monday we will learn which best 8 players will be joinging the main tournament.

Both sun and rain visited the courts on the first day of the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018. Despite quickly changing weather conditions, all games scheduled for Sunday went as planned. First round and part of some of the second round’s matches are now behind us.



13 Polish contenders stepped on the courts on that very first day of the tournament. Only three of them we will see coming back on Monday.

In the second elimination round, we will see Urszula Nebelska, who won with Zofia Podbioł 7:5, 7:6(5) and Wiktoria Saska, after winning with Anna Derecka 6:3, 6:2. Julia Oczachowska advanced to the third, final round of the elimination games. That highest seeded Polish player [9], won her last match with Aleksandra Buczyńska 6:4, 6:2.

Rest of the Bella Cup 2018 elimination games on Monday. So far, there are 6 Polish representatives with assured place in the main tournament.  Katarzyna Piter and Maja Chwalińska, who both advanced based on their ranking points, and players, who received the wild cards: Katarzyna Kawa, Paulina Czarnik, Weronika Falkowska and Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik.

Qualification games Begin

24 czerwca, 2018

On Sunday morning, courts in Toruń will welcome the qualification games of the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018.

41 players will take part in this year’s eliminations for the tournament. Among them, 17 contenders from Poland. During those two days, they will all be fighting for 8 spots in the main tournament, which starts on Tuesday.

Seeded number 1 is Sviatlana Pirazhenka, representing Belarus. The highest seeded position from the Polish players belongs to Julia Oczachowska. Representing her home town, Inowrocław, she will be playing with number 9.

First round and part of the second one are scheduled for this Sunday on the courts in Toruń. In five of the games, we will see Polish players playing against each other. Klara Siłka will face Aleksandra Buczyńska, Anna Derecka will play with Wiktoria Saska, Paulina Mattik with Agata Bachnek and Zofica Podbioł will share the court with Urszula Nebelska. Julia Oczachowska will be also standing against a Polish representative, the winner of the Siłka-Buczyńska game.

Qualification games on the first day of the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018 will begin at 10:00. Free entry to all of the games.

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