Two Polish players still in the game

Czerwiec 28, 2018


Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska succeded to the second round of the Bella Cup 2018 tournament.

Another day of the main tournament, from the very beginning brought us great emotions. Katarzyna Kawa faced Italian Cristina Ferrando. The latter clearly won the first set 6:3. Beginning of the second one belonged to the Polish player. She was winning 3:0, but her rival broke the serve and managed to even the game to 3 points tie. From there, both players were playing equally well, but the first match ball went to Ferrando. Suddenly, she decided to stop the game to report an out to the referee after Kawa’s serve. After checking the situation, it was clear, that Ferrando was wrong. That motivated Polish contender to fight even harder and she won after the 5 point tie-break. Kawa ended the match, winning the last set 6:4.

It might have been a very emotional match for the spectators, but despite a very hard situation, I was trying to keep control over the game

– said Katarzyna Kawa.

First round was a lot easier for Maja Chwalińska. 16 year old crowd’s favourite, won with Lithuanian Joana Eidukonyta after winning two strong games, both with a great score 6:2. From five Polish contenders, two will proceed in the tournament. First round was not successful for Weronika Falkowska, Paulina Czarnik and Stefania Rogozińska-Dzik.


Chantal Skamlova, last year’s Bella Cup winner, also left the competition after loosing in the first round. Surprisingly she was defeated by the Russian contender seeded with a lot lower place, Sofia Golubowskaja 1:6, 3:6. Further in the competition we will see Barbora Krajcikova. Seeded number 1, Czech player won with the Uzbekistan’s Albina 6:2, 6:0.
The highlight of that Bella Cup day for Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska was their success in the doubles tournament and proceeding to the semi-finals.
On Thursday, games begin at 10:00 and they will reveal the players who will move forward to the quarter-finals. If both Katarzyna Kawa and Maja Chwalińska will win their matches, we will see once again a Polish duel for the Bella Cup 2018 semi-final.