President of Polish Tennis Association

9 czerwca, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen!

Honorary patronage of the 23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup is my great pleasure and honour. It’s the biggest and oldest tennis event for female professionals, continuously taking place in our country, that deserves special respects from the Polish Tennis Association.

Bella Cup was a great platform to the international career for many players, with Agnieszka Radwańska among many others. I wish all this year’s participants to follow the steps of that Wimbledon finalist and join our other tournament winners – Ewa Radzikowska, Marta Domachowska, Karolina Kosińska and Paula Kania, the last polish champion from four years ago.

It is worth mentioning, that the tournament has the same main sponsor since the very beginning – Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych S.A. By promoting one of its best known brands, the company has built a respectable and recognizable name among not only tennis events, but in the whole sport world in general. I want to thank Mr Jarosław Józefowicz, Chairman of the Board at the TZMO S.A., for such consistency and hard work put in promoting tennis.

In my own name, as the new President of the Polish Tennis Association, I promise to aim all my efforts at organizing more tournaments like the one taking place on the KS Start-Wisła courts. One of the main goals of the Tennis Development Program in Poland is supporting sport events on a similar scale and working our way to recreate the WTA/ATP tournament.

I am sending all my best wishes to the fans, guests and friends of the Bella Cup tournament taking place in Toruń, and wish the organizers satisfaction with their efforts and hard work. See you soon on the courts!

Mirosław Skrzypczyński
President of the Polish Tennis Association