What else are we going to see during this year’s Bella Cup tournament

24 czerwca, 2017


23rd International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup is a beautiful celebration of women’s tennis on the courts in Toruń, but there is more to it.

During this year’s Bella Cup, once again we will get to see the tennis tournament for children as a part of Tenis 10 program. It is a project engaged by the Polish Tennis Association, based on the International Tennis Federation’s guidelines. Main goal of that event is unifying education system, but most importantly convincing children and their parents, that tennis is an easy, healthy and very attractive discipline.



Toruń courts will also welcome representatives of the tournament’s organizers, partners and invited guest, all taking part in the VIP tournament.
Bella Cup mascot will be walking the streets of Toruń and greeting people around the courts during the whole tournament. More information can be found on our official facebook and twitter profiles.