Katarzyna Kawa and Katarzyna Piter joining the Bella Cup tournament

13 czerwca, 2018


39 Polish players applied for the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018 in Toruń. Winners of the past editions are also willing to join the competition.

Incredible tennis event is getting closer. We are only days away from the beginning of the 24th Bella Cup, ITF tournament with prize pool of 25 000 $ + hospitality. More details were announced on the first press conference of the upcoming event.



One of the Polish players stepping on the Bella Cup courts this year is Katarzyna Kawa. She has triumphed in a similar rank tournament just days ago in Portuguese Obidos.

‘Those years when I took a part in the tournaments in Toruń, everything was organized perfectly. That tournament is very similar to the ones in higher rankings. It is a great comfort for the players. I am very happy that I can join a tournament in front of Polish fans again.’

– said Katarzyna Kawa.

Invitation was also accepted by Katarzyna Piter, representing Poland in the FED Cup. We already saw her on the Bella Cup courts, including the 2013 tournament, when she reached the finale, but lost with Paula Kania.

There are 39 Polish players amongst the 330 who applied to join the 24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament, with Urszula Radwańska, Iga Świątek and Maja Chwalińska. Also, all the winners of the last three Balla Cup editions joined the tournament: Kristina Kucova from Slovakia, Isabella Shinikova from Bulgaria and last year champion, Chantal Skamlova from Slovakia.

– informed the tournament’s director, Renata Sokołowska.

Full list of this year’s contestants can be found here: www.itftennis.com

Idea marki Bella, czyli zdrowie naszych Pań sprowadza się do trzech punktów. Angażujemy się w programy prozdrowotne dla kobiet. Aktywny styl życia, w ramach którego zachęcamy do biegania, ćwiczeń fizycznych i dbania o własną kondycję. Trzeci filar to wydarzenia sportowe. Niezwykle ważnym elementem tego programu jest właśnie turniej Bella Cup.

– podkreślił Jarosław Kuzel, członek zarządu TZMO SA, sponsora generalnego turnieju.

Bella’s main goal, our beautiful women’s health, comes down to three points. We get involved with pro-health programs for women. An active lifestyle, in which we encourage to run, exercise and take care of the proper physical form. Third point focuses on sport events. Bella Cup tournament is a very important part of that program. – we heard from Jarosław Kuzel, board member of the TZMO SA, tournament’s general sponsor.

I am constantly amazed by what is happening in Toruń. It is one of my favourite places. It is very important, that this tournament is organized in such incredible conditions. All the players will surely appreciate it. It make it the most important women’s tennis event in Poland

– said PTA’s Rafał Chrzanowski.

24th International Women’s Tennis Tournament Bella Cup 2018 will begin on 24 June. After two days of the qualification games, the main tournament will open on 26 June. Grand final is scheduled for 1 July. Free admission to the courts.